Monday, 21 March 2011


There isn't enough space anywhere to make a start on the BMW engine, so aside from the Z250, I've been trying to move out some of the more permanent fixtures around the place. Currently that means I'm kicking bits of this Honda CBX 1000 around the floor of the workshop.

 It needed some welding finishing off on the frame and swing arm, some mounts making for the Harris rear sets, the oil cooler, and the coil pack, and a caliper carrier for the Billet rear caliper. 

The other major task is to make a 6-1 exhaust for it in mild steel, but I'll need to get it up on its wheels before I can do that, which in turn means finishing off the caliper carrier.

There's not a lot more to say about it really, so here are some more pictures.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Pace of Progress.

Well, not quite everything that needed making, got made. But a surprisingly large amount of it did. as well as having all the necessary bits and bobs in the bum stop to secure the battery, the GPX 600 rear sets are attached to the frame, half of the R65 front mudguard is doing service as a rear wheel hugger, and there's a home for the rear brake fluid reservoir and a bracket for a strap to support the tail end of the two into one exhaust. There's also a front mudguard blade, but no stays. That particular item did get away from me a little, is the second attempt and did take entirely too long.

The side stand and its vastly overcomplicated, American proof, mechanism for preventing you from riding off with it still disported, got in the way of the rear set position, so it's been temporarily removed pending it's reattachment where it won't obstruct the gear change. The vastly over complicated etc. mechanism, is unlikely to survive the transplant I fear. We also need to do something about providing bracketry for assorted electrical items that the motorcycle needs either to function or to pass an MOT. Since the carburettor mouths turned out to be the same diameter as those on the BMW, the BMW's air filters were requisitioned, and a fresh set ordered.

Next week is a week where I'm going to have to turn my attention to the ongoing stuff that I have to make some sort of progress on, but I ought to be able to squeeze in a moment of two to get the side stand welded back to the frame and all the stuff that's tacked on, welded on so that the frame an swinging arm can have the remaining stumps of unwanted bracketry shaved off of them along with the rust, grease and traces of paint that adorn them in readiness for a fresh coat of shiny, very nearly, Moriwaki Racing blue. I'm going to have to make a mounting for the GPX 600 rear caliper that we've elected to use, simply because the original one had a seized bleed nipple, the bum stop needs drilling for the newly arrived rear light, and it's going to need a mounting bracket for the Acewell speedo/rev counter, assuming I can ever get enough money to sit still for long enough to buy one of the sodding things.

All in all, it's coming along.