Monday, 20 December 2010

A Christmas get together.

Having had a bit of a rest, I got on and welded up the rest of the frame. I'm not wildly enthusiastic about the result, but it's not going to fall apart. Bits of it are definitely better looking than other bits, which is partly because I don't have the balance I used to, and partly because, I was rushing it and lacking in patience. Still, nothing that a grinder and a more measured approach wouldn't sort out, should I decide that it needs sorting out.

With the welding done, the next major task is going to be sorting the engine out, and with that in mind, I've started looking at the ignition. I'm flirting with the idea of crank fired ignition, simply because it means I can lose the bean can that houses the points. That's little more than a research project at this stage, and the immediate  concern is really an ignition coil mounting bracket, for which I need some idea of the coil I have to mount.

What the motorcycle needs at this point is a penultimate re-assembly to check that everything goes together and works as advertised to avoid unpleasant surprises once everything is painted, powder coated or plated. With that in mind, I drilled some more speed holes in the footrest hangers and cleaned up the last traces of any bracketry that I'd lopped off of the frame and sub-frame. Finding homes, or more accurately, making homes, for the ignition coil, regulator, rectifier, a horn, and the mythical fuse box, before the frame is powder coated or painted, makes a lot of sense to me.

Because of the episodic nature of my motorcycle building antics, combined with the unreliable nature of my memory, I have a tendency to leave minor things undone, and then forget about them. For instance the seat hump needs drilling for some screws to attach the rear light, a task which remains undone as I haven't determined whether too use small screws and nuts, of which I have none, or self tapping screws and speed clips, of which, I am equally devoid. Things like that tend to suffer from the need for them becoming apparent at 5:30PM on a Saturday evening, and my not resurfacing at the workshop until something after mid-day on Tuesday, which is plenty of time to forget what I need, for whatever it is I need it for.

Bad weather, Christmas, and the New Year mean that progress over the next fortnight or so is unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

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