Sunday, 16 January 2011

This is the New Year, same as the Old Year...

Another week gone by, and still nothing much has happened on the BMW. The usual "stuff I've got to do" stuff got done, though it has to be said that led to the realisation that both the trike and the GS550 are going to be eating in my time more than is usual over the next few months. Aside from that, on Friday I ended up arsing around with Tristan's Sportster, changing a brake line and making some bolt on mounts for a sprung solo seat.

Saturday, I did actually manage to stop off at MR Motorcycles and buy a coil for the BMW. I got a generic replacement twin lead coil intended for motorcycles with points. It's going to live up under the tank somewhere, along with the horn, the regulator/rectifier, and possibly some relays. I did get as far as looking at where it might live, but I'd told my cousin that I'd give him a hand replacing the broken front coil spring on his Fiat. We got the broken one done without too much trouble, but when it came to replacing the one on the other side, nothing wanted to come undone easily, and it got to the point where it was deemed better to soak everything in penetrating fluid, and leave it for a week or so. Trying to hammer recalitrant bolts free, under a wheel arch, in the dark, when the dealership is going to be closed and replacing anything you destroy isn't going to happen for at least 48 hours, isn't very wise I feel.

By the time that was all over and done with, I had an hour or so where I could probably have made a bracket for the coil and welded it to the frame, but I decided that I was too tired to give the job my full attention, so I left it.

Hopefully, the upcoming week will provide less in the way of distractions, and more in the way of progress.

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